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Capt. Charles Wright
Everglades Kayak Fishing
"Catch the Experience"
PO Box 670
Everglades City, Florida 34139

Overnight Guided Kayak Fishing/Camping Trips

  • Transport Boat Assisted Camping and Kayak Fishing Trips
  • Do-It-Yourself or Completely Outfitted, Provisioned & Guided
  • Reservations Required
  • October - May

Boat Assisted Base Camp Kayak Fishing Trips - Lots of Choices!

  1. Shuttle Only -- Your Canoes/Kayaks and Gear
  2. Shuttle with Kayak Rental - Your Camping Gear and Provisioning
  3. Shuttle with Camping Gear - Your Kayaks/Canoes and Provisioning
  4. Shuttle with Kayaks and Camping Gear - Your Provisioning (the most popular)
  5. Shuttle with Kayaks, Camp Gear, and Fishing Guide - Your Provisioning
  6. Complete Outfitted, Provisioned and Guided Trip (with camp Sherpa)
  7. The Ultimate "Bucket List" Trip

By far, the most popular of the overnighters, these Base Camp Trips use our Yak Attack transport boats to bring our guests, outfitted kayaks, and gear to very remote locations in the Park for fishing and camping. Your camp is typically on a remote island beach, so you can enjoy an evening campfire. From the base camp, you can make daily kayak excursions to fish areas that most anglers simply would never have time or ability to get to. You can fish as hard and as long as you wish; day and/or night. These are wonderful experiences for groups or your entire family. With the fishing kayaks, each person can enjoy things at their own pace ... fish a lot, fish a little or not at all. A sunrise and/or sunset excursion from the base camp is a great part of the daily experience.

The carrying capacity of the Yak Attacks allow you bring many amenities and creature comforts that simply cannot be brought any other means (i.e. sun showers, large coolers, camp chairs, tables, camp stoves, etc.) These Boat Assisted Base Camp trips are wonderful for those that wish to explore different areas of the Park and do not have the time to paddle to remote areas. They are for those who feel "being there" is more important than "getting there". As important, the use of the transport boat allow the selection of campsites that are best suited for forecasted weather, better fishing, avoiding other campers, etc.

We are very flexible with these trips. You can simply use our captains and transport boats to get you to and from your campsite and do-it-yourself. Or, we can partially or completely outfit your entire trip with (or without) fishing guides and provisioning. For those seeking the ultimate experience, we have the "Bucket List" Trip.

The trip most popular with anglers, uses our camping gear, cooking gear, kayaks, but your fishing tackle and provisioning. Simply stop by the grocery store on your way here!

If you wish, an experienced Everglades Kayak Fishing Guide can be with you for the entire trip. He/she can guide you on your daily fishing trips and/or handle the cooking and other camp duties. The guide will also bring along beach rods to fish at night for snook, tarpon and sharks as we enjoy the campfire.

DIY For those who prefer to "Do-it-Yourself" with an unguided trip, we do offer water shuttles for you and your gear, fishing kayak rentals, as well as, outfitting services. Just give us a call with your needs.


Shuttle Only -- Your Canoes/Kayaks and Gear

Several transport boats are available to assist with your trip. However, each can carry a maximum of six guests, but can accommodate most anything that you will need in a single trip. Rental Kayaks and camping gear is available (see the Outfitting/Rental page). The pricing below reflects bringing you, up to five others and your gear out and then picking you back up at a specific date, time and location. Pricing is based on the livery location and assumes the use of one transport boat carrying everything in one trip. For more information, visit out shuttle/livery page.

Up to 6 Anglers
Ferguson River, Jewell Key, Rabbit Key, Sunday Bay $ 400
Picnic Key, Tiger Key, Pavilion Key, , Camp Lulu $ 500
Mormon Key, New Turkey Key, Watson's Place $ 600
Hog Key, Lostman's River Mouth, Sweetwater Chickee $ 700
Highland Beach, Darwin's Place $ 750

Shuttle with Kayak Rental - Your Camping Gear and Your Provisioning

The pricing below is per person and similar to the Shuttle Only fees above except that outfitted fishing kayaks are included. You provide your food, drinks, tackle and camping gear.

No. of Anglers 2 3 4 5 6
2 days $ 390 $ 290 $ 240 $ 210 $ 190
3 days $ 435 $ 335 $ 285 $ 255 $ 235
4 days $ 480 $ 380 $ 330 $ 300 $ 280

Shuttle with Camping Gear - Your Kayaks/Canoes and Your Provisioning

The pricing below is per person and similar to the Shuttle Only fees above except that camping and cooking gear are included. You provide your food, drinks, tackle and kayaks/canoes.

No. of Anglers 2 3 4 5 6
2 day $ 440 $ 340 $ 290 $ 260 $ 240
3 day $ 510 $ 410 $ 360 $ 330 $ 310
4 day $ 580 $ 480 $ 430 $ 400 $ 380

Shuttle with Kayaks and Camping Gear - Your Provisioning -- Most Popular!

The pricing below is per person and similar to the Shuttle Only above fees except that outfitted fishing kayaks, camping and cooking gear are all included. You provide your, tackle, food and drinks.

No. of Anglers 2 3 4 5 6
2 day $ 530 $ 430 $ 380 $ 350 $ 330
3 day $ 645 $ 545 $ 495 $ 465 $ 445
4 day $ 760 $ 660 $ 610 $ 580 $ 560

Shuttle with Kayaks, Camping Gear and Fishing Guide - Your Provisioning

The pricing below is per person and similar to the Shuttle Only above fees except that outfitted fishing kayaks, camping gear and cooking gear are all included. As well, an experienced kayak fishing guide will be with you. He will have his own provisions. You provide your, tackle, food and drinks, as well as, handle the camp and cooking duties yourself.

No. of Anglers 2 3 4 5 6
2 day $ 985 $ 750 $ 595 $ 540 $ 465
3 day $ 1,250 $ 980 $ 775 $ 696 $ 615
4 day $ 1,500 $ 1,200 $ 950 $ 875 $ 770

Complete Outfitted, Provisioned and Guided Trip (with a campsite guide)

The pricing below is per person and similar to the trip above except that we provide all the provisioning and the guide(s) take care of the camp and cooking duties for your group. As well, with five or more anglers, a dedicated second guide is with you to handle the campsite duties. We provide your food and drinks, but you need to supply any adult beverages and your tackle.

No. of Anglers 2 3 4
2 day $2,100 $ 1,400 $ 1,050
3 day $2,200 $1,470 $ 1,100
4 day $2,800 $1,870 $1,400

The Ultimate "Bucket List" Trip

This is really is the ULTIMATE TRIP. Gourmet foods and fresh local seafood appetizers, wines, liqueurs, adult beverages, fines cigars, specialty drinks and foods, individual tents, six-inch thick mattresses, full six-burner camp kitchen, sun shades, sun showers, large iced super coolers, etc. As well, there are always three guides with you … two fishing guides/captains and a beach Sherpa. Each day we use the transport boats to fish a different part of the Park, returning in time for a great dinner, libations and a beach fire. Before and after each of these trips, the kayaks are at the campsite for your use. This trip is truly special and able to be customized to the needs of any group. Just let us know what you want,

No. of Anglers 2 3 4 5 6
2 day $1,675 $1,275 $1,595 $ 1,380 $1,200
3 day $2,450 $1,875 $2,150 $ 1,850 $1,595
4 day $3,200 $2,450 $2,775 $ 2,375 $1995

Our Commitment. Everglades Kayak Fishing is passionate about this very special part of our planet. We feel that we are very fortunate to be able to live and work in a place that we love so much. We commit to do whatever we practically can so you will have the best possible Everglades Experience. As such, we only utilize experienced, local guides. We use only state-of-the-arts equipment that is personally maintained by our owners and guides. We carry all the needed safety equipment, but most importantly, we plan well and pay attention to the details so the trips run smoothly. We want you to enjoy your first trip with us and your tenth.

Safety Equipment. Your safety and comfort is paramount. The Park's expansiveness can make navigating the area daunting. However, rest assured that we carry the state-of-the-art in safety, navigation and communications equipment including GPS units, VHF marine radios, SPOT satellite transmitters and satellite phones. You will be in good, experienced hands. This equipment is also available for rental to those that prefer to DYI

Kayaks and Equipment. They say experience is the best teacher and we believe it truly is. Our experience in this area has led us away from the traditional sit-inside sea kayaks for fishing trips. For the comfort and convenience of our clients, and most importantly safety, Everglades Kayak Fishing utilizes very stable, state-of-the-arts kayaks for fishing.

Heritage Redfish 12s, Native Watercraft Ultimates 12s or Freedom Hawk 12s nestled in the bow of the Yak Attack, are used on the base camp trips. They are extremely stable and very easy to paddle. So stable that many standup in them to sight fish. The Ulimates have their own built-in camp chair for the evenings.
Two person Alps Mountaineering tents, sleeping bags and self-inflating sleeping pads, Columbia camp pillows, Coleman dual burner Xponent stoves and MSP cook sets are part of the outfitting provided (most guests prefer to bring your own sleeping bag, however).
(Click here for a list of recommended items and a list of frequently as questions.)

Meals. An important part of any good camping trip is good hearty meals. Most anglers prefer to provision themselves on these trips. To help out, we will provide a suggested menu in the confirmation package so that all you have to do is stop by the grocery store on your way here.

We offer two general meal plans on the Base Camp trips that we provision. The most common selected is the "Grill Meals Plan". The meals are camping style meals suitable for cooking on an open fire or grill … Hamburgers, chicken, steaks, etc. Yep, you can expect lots of fresh brewed coffee in the mornings.

We also offer "Vickie's Package". Vickie prepares home-cooked gourmet meals that your guide "finishes" at the campsite. Depending on availability, you can expect things such as homemade couch chowders, fresh locally caught stone crabs, smoked fish, fresh salads, locally caught, freshly smoked fish, sautéed' scallops, fresh salads and unique appetizers. Vickie's Package does affect to the cost of the trips and they must be planned at least 30 days in advance.

For the provisioned trips, a menu selection form will be emailed to you as part of the planning confirmation process so that we can tailor the meals to your desires and needs. These must be returned 30 days prior to your trip or we must select the menu for your (Click here for a sample menu)

Adult Beverages. You are welcomed to bring whatever you wish. However, wine and liquor are much easier to deal with in a remote area as ice is precious in the wilderness. For those wanting beer, please bring you own iced cooler, but do not expect the ice to last throughout the trip. Getting re-supplied is always an option. Please, always drink responsibly and respect the people with.

Sample Itineraries. . Our camping locations and itineraries are adaptable. They vary depending on the time of year, length of trip, preferred destinations, where we have been catching fish and the makeup and desires of each group. If you are a returning guest, please be sure to let us know about your past trips. You may wish to fish or paddle a different area or wish to return to your favorite campsite. However, you can click here a for sample itinerary.

Note: All provisioned camping trips require a 50% non-refundable deposit to confirm the reservation with the balance due three weeks before your trip. A deposit is required on trips that are self-provisioned for the gear to be used. This deposit is completely refundable if cancelled two weeks prior to the departure date. Trips over four days in duration include a re-supply shuttle if needed. All prices are in US currency and subject to change without notice and do not include gratuity for your guides.