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Everglades Kayak Fishing
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kayak fishing reports

On Top of Summer!

Well summer is obviously here and so is the summer fishing in Everglades National Park. With surface water temperatures in the low 80’s we have settled quickly into the early morning bite pattern.

The snook fishing has been wonderful for those willing to rise early. For me it is the time for top waters. There is nothing like watching snook bust up on a top water bait. It is like chocolate, banana, coconut crème pie; there is nothing better.

This year we have not had a lot of large baits around so by “matching the hatch” with smaller top water baits we have produced the most action. One day last week, Travis and Larry Hubner released over 30 snook on small top water baits. The fish ranged in size from “fish that looked like snook; only smaller” to well over-slot.

However, many of the bigger snook are still deep. It is sometimes hard to get those big she-snook to get excited about small baits and rise to the occasion. Also, the bigger baits sometime discourage the trout from jumping on the baits as well.

The mullet schools are getting thicker so just as soon as they “mat” in the mornings, you can count on me switching to the largest baits my anglers will throw. The tarpon and big snook will be wearing them out in the mornings by the end of June and through August.

Notwithstanding the blow that we had a few weeks back, the sight fishing has been excellent . . . lots of reds and snook both on fly and light tackle. It should continue well in to the fall.

It is summer, so the bite is compressed and usually intense in the mornings and evenings. Once the water get high and hot, the bite usually will fall off . . . especially for top water baits. Switch to jigs. Case in point . . . last week, last week two anglers in the kayaks released 26 snook. Twenty were taken on top water before 10:00 am. It took the rest of the day to catch the remaining six. A three-quarter day charter with a very early departure is your best bet in the summer.

The split day is also viable option . . . fish the morning; lunch and a nap in the air conditioning during the hot part of the day; fish the evening bite. However, many times the thunder boomers will prevent the evening launch.

We have just taken delivery of the Yak Attack II and we are outfitting her in June. The kayaking trips have become very popular. Folks have seen what an effect fishing platform the proper fishing kayak really is and what a great place this area is for the kayaks. In the past, most of our trips have been open to any who wished to join a trip. However, many of our guests want to keep the trips private. With the new chariot, we will be able to accommodate much better.

Camping season begins in October so we will be scheduling camping/kayak-fishing trips in November/December. Keep and eye-out on the website for the trips to the No-Motor-Zone “above” Lake Ingram and to Wizard Creek. They are usually great trips.

Tight Lines and be safe . . ..

Capt. Charles Wright